Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun with power tools

Finding some mold on the bottom of the shelves I had our homeschool stuff on started a big, but fun project.  I'm hacking some pottery barn shelves and desk that I don't want to spend $2000 on.  With some modifications I hope to make something just as nice looking but perfect for what I need.  The plan includes one desk with a storage hutch, and two side units with hutches. 
First step, napping in the cart . . . I mean shopping for supplies

The side units are basic 30 by 24 boxes with an adjustible shelf.

I have 2 inch legs on the bottom instead of it sitting flush on the floor like the PB version.  The reason I'm having to toss my current shelves is because of water in our basement over a year ago.  Just in case there is ever more water in our basement again, this will help save the MDF.

Next step, the desk then the hutch for the pictured side unit.

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Laurie said...

have you ever seen ana white's site? I think you can google it. she hacks all the big name wood furniture and has FREE plans for gorgeous furniture. Someday I will make some myself.