Monday, December 13, 2010

It's hard not to laugh

Munchkin #2 always keeps me on my toes. Almost daily there are times I have to squelch a smile about something he says or does. The icky sick bug has hit at our house and Munchkin #2 has a very stuffy nose. Our conversation at bedtime Monday night went a little like this:

#2: “So, Sinus’ are where my boogers life?”

Me: “yes”

#2: “How medicine get up there?”

Me: “It goes down to your tummy then travels up to your sinus’ to help get rid of the boogers.”

#2: “Its like a broom and sweep the boogers out?”

Me: “Uh . . . yeah”

#2: “Drink water help get boogers out too?”

Me: “Yes, drinking a lot of water helps you get better and get the boogers out”

#2” “Drink water flood the boogers out?”

Me: “Getting lots of sleep helps a whole lot, so let’s get you tucked in so you can sleep and feel better tomorrow.”

Sometimes you just have to change the subject a little so you don’t laugh out loud.

I’m am very thankful for two munchkins who keep me laughing as we work our way through life.

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