Friday, April 1, 2011

Time to get back to it

 It is past time to get back to this blog.  Hip surgery and a long time on crutches has kind of crimped my style.  I have foregone coupon shopping for a couple of  months but am ready to get back to saving money.

One thing that did make my time on crutches much simpler is freezer meals.  I made a lot of meals ahead of time and had them ready in the freezer.  That, along with lots of wonderful friends who provided meals really helped keep my family well fed.

My husband even had an opportunity to share with a coworker about our freezer meals when I went away for a weekend conference and didn't get any  meals prepared and in the fridge for him, I left him a list of what was in the freezer and how to thaw and cook it and they ate well.  His coworker expected frozen pizza all weekend but my crew ate some great home cooked meals even when I wasn't there to prepare them.

That is part of why I have longed for a simple life.  It feels good to make progress on that goal


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