Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

I did not make a menu plan last week and it messed up my whole week. I am further convinced of the necessity of menu planning. I really would like to do more planning farther ahead as well. I’ve been doing the planning each week since sometimes our schedule changes on what days the hubby will be home and what days he isn’t. I’m trying to figure out the best way to plan. Do I make a plan for a month at a time and plug the meals in ahead of time, or do I make a monthly plan with the meals listed for each week and then plug them into the calendar at the beginning of the week? I’ll need to do some brainstorming.

What works for you with your menu planning?

This week’s menu:

Tuesday: Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ chicken

Wednesday: Waffles (making extra to freeze), and bacon

Thursday: Grandma’s Mac & Cheese, Creamy soup steaks

Friday & Saturday: Daddy and Munchkin #1 will be camping, I’ll be painting M 1’s bedroom, so leftovers, cereal and homemade frozen pizzas for M #2 and I. ;o)

Sunday: Grill, fried potatoes, green beans


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