Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stretching me

I am a messy. I admit it. I always have been it seems like. My mom is the total opposite, she is a clean freak. I don't know if my messy tendencies have anything to do with that or not, but I'm tired of it.

Our house is on the market, so therefore it has been a HUGE job to get things ready to sell. Its all about staging, and in reality, tricking the potential buyer to thinking you have more space than you do. That or I just had way too much stuff. Probably the latter.

I have spent months decluttering. With everything I come across I ask myself. "Is this worth paying money to move?" If the answer is yes, then it needs to find a home in my house, if the answer is no, then trash or to Goodwill it goes. I've lost track of how many van loads I've taken to Goodwill in the last couple of months. The scary thing is, that there is still so many things that I really don't need. Now that the house looks good, I've started going through closets and drawers and getting rid of more junk . . . I mean, good useful things that I really don't need and can easily live without . . . no, I really mean junk.
Here is a picture diary of one afternoon of my work. I never thought I would say this, me . . . the messy . . . but I actually enjoyed the process. Even more than the process, I LOVED the end product.

Corner kitchen cabinet before:

Can you believe all this stuff came off of that top shelf?

What was left on the top shelf. All of the cake decorating stuff, food coloring, sprinkles etc. are in the tub.

Look at all those cookie cutters. I make cut out sugar cookies only sometimes on holidays.
The holiday cutters I kept are in the tub on the left, the small Gladware container houses the thermometers for when the kids get sick.
Drum roll please . . .
Here is that same stuffed full and overflowing cabinet after:

We had so many medicines and vitamins that were all over the place. Now, on the middle shelf in the white tub are all the cold medicines. It is now easy to just pull that tub out when it is needed. The green tub holds the boys medicines and vitamins that they use on a daily basis. I can pull that tub out and fill their daily pill boxes each week.
On the bottom shelf I have, sorted into bins, the medicines and vitamins that we use on a more regular basis. All easily accessible and visible.

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