Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grocery Challenge

I'm trying REALLY HARD to just buy the basic staples this month and do a lot of pantry and freezer meal planning. Of course, you can't pass up a buy one get one free Oreo coupon, and then had to get some ice cream so we can use the Oreos and milk to make milk shakes. Those are necessities right? At least when Daddy is on a weeklong trip, milkshakes are necessities. Also, not a bad way to celebrate the younger munchkin getting his casts off after 7 loooong weeks.

Today at Walmart I got 3 5lb bags of potatoes for $0.97 each, two things of ice cream, a gallon of milk and two packages of Oreos for only $13.64. I’d say it was a successful shopping week!


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