Monday, March 1, 2010

Room Challenge 2010 - Master Bedroom

A few friends and I decided to challenge each other to work on a room a week to organize and clean. We’re starting in our master bedroom. Our goal is not only for some good deep cleaning, from ceiling fan to baseboards and everything in between, but also to help make that room a sanctuary. My bedroom usually becomes the place that things get stashed and I don’t want it to be that way.

I’m posting some before pictures, and at the end of the week I’ll post some after pics to see the difference. My bedroom is usually actually worse than these pictures show, but having the house on the market it stays a little better than usual.

This is my corner.  I need to organize the top of my dresser and nightstand, as well as clean out the magazine and book basket that is between the bed and nightstand.  The wicker hamper next to the dresser has stuff stashed in it, I haven't decided if I'll clean it out and use that for something else, or keep it as a place to stash things like the cheap DVD's that I buy and save for long doctor appointments.  The toddler bed should be leaving this week since the little munchkin gets his casts off tomorrow and should be able to go back to his room!!
Close up of the corner that I stash things that need put away.

I need to find better homes for the things stashed under the wardrobe, and maybe move the kennel to where the toddler bed is, haven't decided yet.  I also want to get some baskets for the shelf under the tv to hold the doggie gotta be stuck in the kennel treats and empty tapes for taping stuff.
Not my side of the room.  Not much I can do about this part except ask my dear sweet husband to organize his area. 
My closet.  Not bad but I need to get the laundry basket off the top shelf and put away all the stuff I stashed in it once when we had a short notice showing. I'm sure there are more things I can get rid of that I don't wear often enough to need to keep.

Okay, let’s get this party started! Who’s with me? If you want to join in on the fun please comment and share what you’re doing and if you have a blog, share a link so we can see your before and afters!

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