Monday, March 22, 2010

Room Challenge 2010 - Office

Okay, here it is . . . the office. Lots of books, many of which I will probably never use again, so I keep wondering why I have them. A stack of things that need to be filed, along with more that is stashed away in a tub in the basement. A printer that needs to be set back up, but first, room made to set it up. More stacks of papers on top of the file cabinet, stacks under the desk and stacks probably somewhere else that belongs in here and put away.

This is my next challenge. Organize and deep clean the office.

So, who else is up for a challenge? Do you have an office or home school room or area that needs organized? If so, I’d love you to join me. If you have a blog, please post the link in the comments so I can see and read about your progress as well.

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