Friday, December 4, 2009

A house full of packrats

My son is a packrat . . . wait, both my sons . . . okay, let me just say it this way, every male human in my house is a packrat. I have a few packratish tendencies but I’m doing quite well getting over that, thank you very much. But my son, oh my goodness, the kid has two boxes on the bookshelf in the room that the munchkins used to share that haven’t been moved to his new room, since his new room is still painted all girly since we bought this house. (did you like that run-on sentence) He had valentine stickers in there, why does he need valentine stickers? He might be able to use them on valentine cards this year.

Gasp . . . NO!

I’m trying to purge and get rid of things, not save everything “just in case”.

What am I going to do? How can I teach my kids that they don’t need to keep all that stuff that’s not needed?

Maybe I need to convince my hubby to get rid of some old things, cuz you know, Daddy’s are SO cool and if Daddy is doing it, maybe the munchkins will too.

Okay, so how do I convince hubby to start purging?


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