Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Okay, I’m seeing a trend here, I keep going over my goal of $30 a week, I’m even going over my “I’ll give myself some leeway as I start off” goal of $40 a week. But I got a ton of groceries for great deals I think. I will enjoy when hubby is not working out of town, then I won’t be buying as many convenience foods to send with him for the week. That should help the budget tremendously.

Here is the breakdown: before coupons $86.62, I wish Schnucks told me how much I saved from their normal price because I got a lot of things on 10 for $10 sale that was super cheap. After coupons I spent $46.07.

Some highlights were”

• 4 bags of chocolate chips free

• 4 bags of chocolate chips for $0.50 each

• 5 free bags of chex mix

• 3 free Green Giant Steamers

• 2 Green Giant Steamers for $0.20 each

• Creamers for $0.79 each.

• The equivalent of 2 free bags of wheat flour when I bought 2 jars of yeast.

Not too bad. I almost didn’t have room on the counter to put all my stuff!

My weekly total is $64.53, so way over my goal. I’ll have to see how I end up at the end of the month and see if I can shave some off in the next couple of weeks


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