Monday, November 9, 2009

$30 Grocery Challenge

Some may think that using coupons for groceries isn’t a simplifying thing. Yes, it does take a little extra time to cut out and organize the coupons, but for me, it is very worth it. Seeing that number on the bottom that tells you how much money you’ve saved gives me such a thrill. I follow several couponing and money saving blogs and have learned a lot about how to get the most out of the money I spend.

One blog I’ve recently found is $30 Weekly Gorcery Challenge.  I’ve decided to try this myself. I’m not sure I can do $30 a week for groceries but maybe I can. I’m going to try to stick to $30 but I’m going to give myself up to $40 for awhile until I get a better stockpile. The trick, from what I’ve noticed, is to buy a ton of something when it is on sale and with a coupon and store it until you need it.

Sunday I went to Schnucks and I am so in love with their double coupons. I spent $24.85 and it says that I saved $17.40 in coupons. Woo Hoo!! And, the best part is, that $9 of that is for Christmas presents (the coffee) so it doesn’t count toward my grocery challenge, leaving me with having spent $15.85.

I had several $0.50 off 1 coupons for the steamers, so with doubling and the 10 for $10 sale, they were FREE!  The only things I didn't have coupons for was the butter and applesauce which I was out of and needed to buy anyway.  The steamers will most likely go with hubby since he works in another city during the week.  They  make for a very easy side that he can do in the microwave.

The challenge is, I need to buy a couple of toiletry items that I haven’t found on sale anywhere recently, so hopefully I won’t blow my budget on those things. As well as munchkin #2 having eaten all the granola bars during the night because the side effect of the medicine we’re now weaning him off of caused him to crave carbs and get up in the night to eat. Eating 7 granola bars in one night really puts a hit on my granola bar stock.


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