Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grocery Challenge

Okay, I didn’t make it staying under $30 for the week, which is okay since this is my first week and I’m not sure yet if $30 or $40 a week is going to be a more doable goal for my family. After my trip to Schnucks this morning to get a couple of super cheap things, and a couple of things I just needed anyway, I ended my grocery shopping week spending $41.28. Not too bad I think. I’ll see if I can shave the $1.28 off of next week’s shopping.

There were a few good sale and coupon combos this week, Sundays being the best, but not as many as I’ve seen some weeks.

On today’s trip, I needed potatoes for my soup for All Deer’s Eve tomorrow night, so I HAD to buy those. The two cans of dole fruit I got for $0.05 each, the Cheerios were $1.00 a box, the Progresso Broth was $0.50 and the noodle meals were on sale for $0.75, with $1.00 off in coupons I made $0.25 on each of those!! I spent a grand total of $17.12 on this trip.


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