Monday, November 9, 2009

Hanging my head in shame

Yes, I am ashamed. I started this blog to help keep me accountable at my quest for a simpler life and I haven't posted in months.

Bad, blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

I'm trying to get this into a good habit and to help journal my journey. I haven't done terrible at getting the house ready to show. Okay, not necessarily good either. I'm into the last minute stuff things in the van and do a quick clean before a showing game. I don't like that game. Really I don't, but housework just does nothing for me. I could care less about doing the cleaning. I like a clean environment but I don't like to clean.

So, I'm working on it. I've tried several different plans in the past and just haven't found one that I can seem to keep up with. I've tried assigning each room a day and that day my job is to do whatever in that room that needs done. I've also tried giving myself a chore list for each day with each specific chore listed that I need to check off when its done. Nothing sticks.

Okay, while I really want to just surf the web and read other blogs about housekeeping. I really should do something productive first. After I accomplish something, I'm going to start a weekly menu plan Monday post as well as to document my cheap grocery shopping that I've been doing lately. I love saving money. ;o)


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